Who We Are

Our mission is to express love and unity while taking back our community. It is our charge to display leadership in a manner that will cultivate skills, enhance talent and present positive role models to young people.  

Our organization is comprised of 3 parts:

The Mannequin House is our project that shows young girls and boys how to build character and self – esteem one hair style or one hair cut at a time.


Columbus Barbers United is all about barber togetherness, empowerment,  youth mentoring and community service.

Blended Families is a program of Overflo Outreach that was created to show that step families and adopted families can co-exist, survive and thrive in a nurturing environment. As part of the program, participants learn and are encouraged to apply the “5 Key Points to having a Successful Blended Family”:

  1. Get Connected
  2. Expectation
  3. Adjustment
  4. Compromise
  5. LOVE!


We accept the challenges associated with mentoring young people.  We give them the opportunity of learning a life – long skill in the cosmetology/barbering field that will benefit them for a lifetime.

In addition to working with at-risk youth, we strive to show love and kindness to our homeless brothers and sisters by reaching out to them with overflowing humility and compassion.   Our goal is to give back to those in need of restoration by building their faith and hope for a better tomorrow.

Join us in our efforts to show the community and the nation the Overflo-ing of love from God that we have been blessed to return to our fellow man.